For being the most simple, caring, loving lady I’ve met. Her love is unconditional – to one and all. She believes in giving – No matter what. We have our disagreements – it is natural of our relation, but when I see other MILs, I slip in a quiet “thank you” to God for making her MDH’s mom. I am envious cause she dotes on him, adores him and loves him like I’ve seen no mother love their child; and I simply love pulling her and MDH’s leg over this. MDH has her nature, her attitude to life, her undying belief that all people are good at heart no matter how badly they might have hurt you.

Dear Aai, here’s wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day – I hope more moms and MILs take a lesson or two from you:-)

My BFF’s mom

S and I have been  friends since we were 3, she is my “Rock of Gibraltar”. For all the wonderful things her friendship has blessed me with – her mom is the best of the lot. I’ve never been one of S’s friends to her – I’ve always been her 3rd daughter after S and her little sis “K”. That’s how aunty’s family knows me, that’s how everyone who knows S, knows me – as her mum’s 3rd daughter! I’ve never seen her shout, never seen her lose her cool, never seen her raise her voice – patient, calm, funny , intelligent, charming. The fact that she has raised 2 crazy gals so well and made them into such lovely ladies is proof enough of what a wonderful mom she has been. When she is around I don’t miss my mom.

For being such a lovely mother – Dear Aunty – I wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day.

My Dearest Aai

My Didu’s mom – My Mami? No, she is My Aai – always has been – always will be. The little 3 year old me who would run to you after fighting with mumma and papa. The one who made me amazing snacks. The one who taught me to be “bindhaast”. The one who introduced me to my favourite city –Pune and all those lovely folks there. The one who gave me my most amazing childhood memories in my holiday trips to her home in Ahmednagar and getting pampered by her Aai. The one who lectures me to no end on how to behave but is also the one who listens to all my cribbings patiently. The one whose love has no bounds.

Dear Aai, wish you a lovely Mother’s Day – Hope your latest little bundle of joy – your first grand-daughter is making this day even more special for you.

My Mumma

It is not easy to raise a hyper-active, rebellious girl all on your own – especially when she is starting off in college. We have argued, we have fought and we have even wanted a divorce from being mother-daughter. But 14 years since Papa passed away and I can only look back and say “Thank You” – cause I will never be able to repay you in this lifetime or even if I take multiple births as your child.

I envy you – for you have not just been my mom; you have been a mom to all your nieces and nephews, to your daughters-in-law, to your granddaughters – they make better children to you than I’ve ever been.

I’ve not seen any person in my family loved and respected as much as you have been – by your great-grandmother ( from the stories your mom, uncles and siblings told me), by your parents, by your husband, by your uncles and aunts, by your siblings and cousins, by your nieces and nephews, by your sisters-in-law, by your MIL, by your in-laws, by your daughters-in-law, by your grand-daughters and now by your son-in-law. Mumma, I envy you! How do you find so much love to shower on everyone equally, to not spoil your only child and keep her grounded. I wish I can be 10% of the mother you have been to me – my child will be blessed.

Your gorgeous smile lightens up my day – everyday and I miss being away from you but I’m glad this Mother’s Day you are with me here in Dubai.

For someone who has her birthday on Christmas Day, it is but natural to have a heart so full of love! My dearest mumma, wish you a lovely Mother’s Day!

To the 4 lovely moms I’ve known – I don’t tell you all how much you all mean to me and what lovely examples of motherhood I’ve in front of me. So today I take that one minute out and wish you all this Mother’s Day; you are the reasons why I would love to be a mother one day!

P.S: I’m not a huge fan of these days but I’m also a person who cannot express herself easily to the people she loves and adores so much. So maybe I see something positive in celebrating these days cause they are meant for folks like me – who can quietly slip in their thoughts on the blog without getting too awkward in front of the folks whom they want to tell what they mean but are just not able to!

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