Yesterday at the Mirchi Rocks Live concert of Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar Ehsan Loy,  I heard Raman Mahadevan sing Tanhayee. Raman is a very good singer and this song from Taare Zameen Par is proof enough but  he was not able to capture the brilliance that Sonu Nigam had depicted in his rendition of Tanhayee.   I have also heard many singers attempt this song in  reality shows and I’m absolutely convinced that this song was made only for Sonu. He must have been in a god-level zone when he recorded it for Dil Chahta Hain. The pain in his voice cuts right through your heart – listen to it and you will know what I’m talking about.



I tried to think which is that one defining song for other favourite singers of mine from the current lot – that one song which no other singer can attempt or sing the way the original singer did.

Here are my picks – what would be yours?


What a soothing voice and so many of his numbers tread on the light-hearted , romantic genre. And this one although still romantic has a lovely classical bent to it. To me it is by far his best song (Forgive the choreographer for the picturization – he/she has ruined what could have been a splendid song visually to go with the brilliant composition)



Many will disagree with me on this one I guess. Tadap Tadap was KK’s big breakthrough, and Pal his identity but to me this lovely underrated number from Om Shanti Om really stands out as his number – his voice captures the awe, the hesitation and the love that Om feels for Shanti. Hitting the right low notes, the perfect high pitch, the smooth transitions – it is one of the most beautiful romantic numbers I’ve heard.


Shankar Mahadevan 

Breathless gave him his identity and every time I listen to his rendition of Maa I have a tear in my eye but for me the song that defines Shankar is Yenna Solla Pogirai – because if you listen to him and watch Ajith perform – I can guarantee you will fall in love with both the men!



Maybe in the next post I’ll attempt my picks from my favourite female singers –and I can already sense that it will be a tough one!